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Yaounde City Council lauded for 2021 budgetary execution

The Yaounde City Council under the leadership of Mayor Messi Atangana Luc has been hailed for its diligent financial execution and developmental works for the 2021 budgetary year.
The remarks were made by the Senior Divisional officer for Mfoundi, Djikdent Emmanuel Mariel, at the end of the three-day midterm evaluation session on June 23, 2022. With a budgetary execution rate of 54.37% and excess of 3,160,642 [three billion, one hundred and sixty million, six hundred and forty two thousand] FCFA, Djikdent Emmanuel Mariel said the City Council’s performance is exemplary.
“The rate of execution,” he told the media, “is satisfactory. We see that since the three past years, the rate of execution of 2021 has been satisfactory and we encourage the Mayor to continue constructing roads because it is the main problem that we have”.

Also addressing the press, Mayor Messi Atangana Luc said his sight remains on raising the bar, giving the town the beauty it deserves. “The priorities are many but we must always start somewhere. We have till now, placed emphasis on beautification of the town. This will continue for the town to remain pleasant to see”.
This time, Mayor Messi Atangana Luc revealed, emphasis is already being laid on major roads in all seven municipalities in Yaounde.
“We launched the tarring of a road at Ekounou. What will follow is the FEICOM-Mimboman village axis and its surroundings… We will also upgrade access roads in Yaounde II in the Ekoudou neighbourhood. We have equally launched preliminary works to link the Yaounde III rural zone to Yaounde VII. There are other projects too,” said the Mayor.
Mayor Messi Atangana Luc was voted to the helm of the Yaoundé City Council on March 3, 2020. On taking over, he pledged to boost the town’s modernisation, and combat urban disorder, among others. His works have been to say the least, a true testament of his purpose-driven leadership.
Giyo Ndzi

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